Emily Stillwell, Mary Ann Ramsey, Madeline Sterett,

Betty Monarch, Keith Tapp, Bennett Lee,

Scott Sterett, Kelly Frank, Tom Moorman,

Rachel Gray, Ryan Stillwell, Jesse Townsend III,

Jazz Page, Elle Basham, Sharon Wakefield,

Lida Robinson, Melissa Kampars, Joely Robinson,

Lyla Cox, Annika Kampars, Patrick Williams,

Adam Davenport, Rachael Shannon, Mark Stillwell,

Caden Sterett, Sarah Curtis

Chris & Sherry Gregory, Haden & Charlotte Morrison
Bro. Greg & Nissa Shannon, Rusty & Tracey Kasey
Denny & Donna LaGrange, Paul & Pat Williams,
Larry & Rebecca Glasscock, Kent & Becky Ruskowski,
Tom & Lavon Moorman

July 4th  

United Methodist Men's Breakfast

Canceled This Month

July 14th 

Agape Circle 

Canceled this Month

July 14th

Circle 4

Canceled this Month


July  21st 

Ministry Action Team

Zoom Meeting 4 pm

Fundraising for Our Building

Stained Glass Crosses


A total of $3,273 has been donated to the Building Fund for the stained glass crosses. Thank you to William “Bert” Bertolasio for using his time and talents to create such beautiful keepsakes. If you would like to have a cross, please see Bert or call the Church Office. Thank you to everyone for your donations. 

Fill the Gopher


We have had so much fun with the “Fill up Phil Gopher” fundraiser, and it has been quite successful $3,098 was donated to the Building Fund since January, and the donations for February have been so generous that Phil is almost too heavy to lift! Thank you to the children and youth for taking up the change offering each Sunday and to everyone for your donations.


Crafting Days


Bible Study

Zoom Person of the Bible Study

Tuesday Mornings @ 10 am

Will resume on August 4th 

Contact Bro. Greg at secretary@hardinsburgumc.org

if you would like to participate in the study.


Hardinsburg UMC is a congregation of people who love God, strive to know Him, and seek to serve the community through acts of love, kindness, caring and compassion. The people of HUMC also genuinely care for and about each other in personal joys and sorrows.  Love abides within the walls of HUMC and it is overflowing and available to all.  We would appreciate the opportunity to share ourselves with you as we all Journey through life    with Jesus. 

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