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Kadence Estes, Nissa Shannon, Bettye Sue Small,

Vinnie Glasscock, Kristi Miller, Joyce Robbins,

Mary Nell Bertolasio, Annie Schuetz, Adam Cox,

Cole Galloway, Christine Burnette, Richard Contreras,

Travis Wethington, Kamryn Dawson, Jace Sachleben,

Hannah Shannon, Lori Butler, Donna LaGrange, 

Larry Glasscock, Melissa Eakin,



United Methodist Men's Breakfast

Canceled This Month

Ministry Action.png

March 2nd 

Ministry Action Team

Zoom Meeting 4 pm

Fundraising for Our Building

Huston and Tabby Dehaven



Agape Circle 

Canceled this Month

March 9th 

Circle 4 at 6 pm

Via Zoom




No Crafting Days

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Stained Glass Crosses


A total of $3,360 has been donated to the Building Fund for the stained glass crosses. Thank you to William “Bert” Bertolasio for using his time and talents to create such beautiful keepsakes. If you would like to have a cross, please see Bert or call the Church Office. Thank you to everyone for your donations. 

Fill the Gopher


We have had so much fun with the “Fill up Phil Gopher” fundraiser, and it has been quite successful $3,391.58 was donated to the Building Fund since January, and the donations for February have been so generous that Phil is almost too heavy to lift! Thank you to the children and youth for taking up the change offering each Sunday and to everyone for your donations.

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Bible Study

Zoom Person of the Bible Study

Wednesday Mornings @ 10 am

March 3rd    Dorcas/Tabitha

March 10th   Daniel

March 17th   Barnabas

March 24th  Rahab

March 31st    Judas

Contact Bro. Greg at brogreg63@gmail.com

if you would like to participate in the study.

Acts Bible Study

Wednesday Nights @ 6:30 PM

Will resume at a later date this Spring

Via Zoom

If you want to participate contact brogreg63@gmail.com