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Quarterly Outreach: April - June

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The Blessing Box

A Blessing Box is a standalone miniature pantry where a person in need can come discretely anytime of the day or night for just a bit of food, a toiletry item or maybe just a pair of socks. Blessing Boxes are being erected all over the country, by churches, businesses and even individuals. We are grateful to Larry Welch for crafting a beautiful and unique Blessing Box using reclaimed wood from our former main entrance. For protection from the weather, the HUMC Blessing Box is located under the porch of

Memorial Hall facing the street. The idea is to offer a small bit of help when nothing else is open or there just isn’t enough money in the cookie jar for those last couple of days before major assistance is available. Anyone in the community can participate, and in fact we hope they do. The Blessing Box is never locked. “Take what you need, leave what you can, little becomes much in the Master’s hand.“ Items should be non-perishable and withstand uncontrolled temperatures. Items that come several to a box like instant oatmeal should be taken out of the box. A list of some examples of items is located on top of the cubby cabinet in the Welcome Center.

Blessing Box Ministry

blessing box.jpg

Blessing Boxes are appearing all over the United States. They are being erected by churches, businesses and individuals. A Blessing Box is an emergency standalone miniature food pantry. In pursuit of community outreach, the Hardinsburg United Methodist Church has erected a Community Blessing Box. HUMC is grateful to Mr. Larry Welch, a member of the congregation, who crafted the Blessing Box using reclaimed wood from the church’s former main entrance. For protection from the weather, the Blessing Box is located under the porch of Memorial Hall, facing the street. The box is never locked and contents are available 24/7 to anyone.

The Blessing Box is for anyone who experiences need when other resources are not available. The contents of the Blessing Box are donated by the congregation, although anyone in the community is welcomed and encouraged to donate. Non-perishable items which will withstand high and low temperatures are the best selections. The stock will vary from day to day according to use and donation. Sometimes there may be a full pantry, and sometimes not; but the hope is that there will always be something there for someone who is hungry. TAKE WHAT YOU NEED, LEAVE WHAT YOU CAN. LITTLE BECOMES MUCH IN THE MASTER’S HAND. 

Soapy Second Sunday Every Month 


Proverbs 11:25 A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.


Once a month, on the second Sunday, HUMC collects cleaning products for distribution through the Good Samaritan Center. This is a community mission outreach that anyone can participate in by just picking up that extra bar of soap, dish or clothes detergent, shampoo, etc. Please place your donations on the table near the Serenity Room. A hearty thanks to you all. 

Other Ministries Supported by the

Hardinsburg United Methodist Church

· Breckinridge County Schools Youth Services

· Center for Senior Food Distribution

· Communion for the Homebound

· Cops for Kids

· Detention Center Ministries

· Funeral Meals

· Salvation Army

· The Good Samaritan Center

· Vacation Bible School

· Blankets of Praise for children in crisis

· Camp Loucon


· United Methodist Children’s Homes in Versailles and Owensboro

· Wesley Manor

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