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Upcoming Events

Children's Message

During Sunday Morning Worship at HUMC

Available Every Sunday

Check Out this upcoming event for Kids.

If you need more information, contact the church office at

(270) 756-5901.

Or email Mikayla at

Church Busy Bags for Kids

Sometimes it is hard to sit still for one whole hour and be quiet. Well, the same goes for our young children who attend Worship Services! This is where the Church Busy Bags come in. Notice the Pencil Pole near the hallway double doors? There are bags hanging on the pole full of quiet things to keep little ones occupied when the minutes grow too long for them.


Some of the activities are definitely for very little ones, but there are also activity sheets for the 5 to 8 year olds. There are story books, crayons, paper, stickers and sometimes even a snack! All children are welcome to use the Busy Bags. And please, if you see a visitor with small children, tell them about our Church Busy Bags. While children are welcome to take home their work or snack, we do request that the bags and other contents be returned to the Pencil Pole so they can be restocked. HUMC welcomes and enjoys children every Sunday morning!

Tel: (270) 756-5901

123 South Main Street

Hardinsburg, KY 40143

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