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The new sanctuary and addition is complete

On March 12, 2017 we moved out of the current church building to begin a renovation/new addition project. It has been an interesting journey that has lasted almost two years now, and we will not be moving in before May of 2019. Below you will find a few pictures of the process. We are looking forward to the day when this project is completed. 
We are planning an open house for the community on Saturday, August 17th from 2 -4 PM. How you can stop by for a visit.
Blessings, Bro. Greg Shannon
B 02.png
B 06.png
B 07.png
B 14.png
B 16.png
B 17.png
B 25.png
B 32.png
B 45.JPG
B 65 2.jpg
B 70.jpg
B 81.jpg
B 79.jpg
B 83.jpg
B 88.jpg
B 91.jpg
B 94.jpg
B 95.jpg
B 100.jpg
B 103.jpg
B 118.jpg
B 121.jpg
B 117.jpg
B 112.jpg
B 120.jpg
B 119.jpg
Church Inside.jpg
1st Sunday (1).jpg
New Church Building.jpg

First Sunday In Newly Renovated Sanctuary

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