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The new sanctuary and addition is complete

On March 12, 2017 we moved out of the original 1904 church building to begin a major renovation/new addition project. We moved into the new, beautifully restored church building on June 2, 2019
B 02.png
B 06.png
B 07.png
B 14.png
B 16.png
B 17.png
B 25.png
B 32.png
B 45.JPG
B 65 2.jpg
B 70.jpg
B 81.jpg
B 79.jpg
B 83.jpg
B 88.jpg
B 91.jpg
B 94.jpg
B 95.jpg
B 100.jpg
B 103.jpg
B 118.jpg
B 121.jpg
B 117.jpg
B 112.jpg
B 120.jpg
B 119.jpg
Church Inside.jpg
1st Sunday (1).jpg
New Church Building.jpg

First Sunday In Newly Renovated Sanctuary

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